Currently enrolling new students in our Académie French!

Policies & Agreements

The following Policies and Agreements are required for participation in our programs.

Registration Policy
Payment is due in full upon registration.
All registration must be done by email, online, or in person.
If you withdraw from a session and then later re-register, we can not guarantee availability for your original time slot.
Any declined credit card payment or cheques returned "NSF" may be subject to an administrative charge of $25.00. The replacement payment must be by way of cash, debit or a valid credit card payment.

Missed Classes
There will be no credits or refunds for missed classes by participants. If a student has missed a one-on-one lesson, the student may join a group class at the family’s convenience.

Illness Policy
To ensure L’Agence French maintains a healthy environment for students and staff, we request you or your student not attend programs if demonstrating signs of illness (fever, cough or any other COVID symptoms). L’Agence French will follow all guidelines and recommendations from the Ontario Ministry of Health. If your student is demonstrating signs of illness, L’Agence French reserves the right to ask the student to leave the premises.

An "on hold/temporarily pausing/ suspending classes” policy for all our services 

Students/clients enrolled in any of our programs are eligible to request to put their classes on hold. A student/client may request to put their sessions on hold for reasons such as personal circumstances, vacations of at least one week, medical issues, or other valid reasons.

  1. Duration: The on hold duration is limited to a maximum of 3 months after notification.
  2. Request Process: To initiate an "on hold" request, the student/client or their parent/guardian must:
  • Submit a written request via email to
  • Include the reason for the request and the intended duration of the hold.
  • Submit the request at least 2 weeks before the planned start date of the hold.
  1. Approval Process: Once the request is received, L’Agence French will review it and determine whether the reason for the hold is valid and reasonable. If approved, the student/client will receive a confirmation email outlining the approved duration of the hold.
  2. Extension Requests: ONLY for medical reasons upon doctor’s note. If a student/client needs to extend the duration of the hold, they must submit a new request at least 2 weeks before the current hold period ends. Extensions are not guaranteed and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Resuming Sessions: At the end of the approved hold period or extension, the student/client will be automatically re-enrolled in their sessions. L’Agence French will coordinate with the student/client/family to resume classes or programs at a suitable time for both parties. Please note that there is no guarantee to have the same French educational specialist or the same day and time as before the “hold” request.
  4. Billing and Payment: During the "on hold" period, billing for any of our services will be temporarily suspended. If applicable, any prepaid sessions will be carried over to the resumed sessions.
  5. Policy Review: This "on hold" policy will be reviewed periodically and may be subject to updates. Any changes to the policy will not be communicated to enrolled students/clients and parents/guardians in advance. Therefore, it is your responsibility to assure that you are aware of L’Agence French policy.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy
Payment for all classes, programs or events are to be made in full upon registration.
No refunds or any type of credit will be given (including transfer of fees to another child) if withdrawals are made with less than 7 days notice.
Emergency situations will be assessed by L’Agence French on a case by case basis and make-up lessons may be granted.
Cancellations due to weather conditions, power outages or extraordinary facility closures/circumstances beyond our control will not be refunded.
Individual class registrations are not transferable on a temporary or permanent basis to another child.

General Policies
L’Agence French reserves the right to cancel classes or request students to change their selection if there is insufficient enrollment in a class.
Instructors, class times and age range are subject to change based on availability and demand.
L’Agence French reserves the right to ask the student to leave the premises or to terminate the enrollment due to poor behavior not aligned with L’Agence French protocole.

Assumption of Risk
I acknowledge, personally and on behalf of any minor child, the existence of known and potential unknown risks, which may include but are not limited to serious injury, including permanent disability and death, social and economic loss and the possibility of contracting illness, including but not limited to COVID-19, as a result of participating in tutoring lessons, programs and consultations or any activity organized by or associated with L’Agence French.

Acknowledges the information on this Registration Form is true and correct.

I consent to receiving email communications from L’Agence French regarding my current programs, closures, upcoming programs, receipts, etc. L’Agence French respects your privacy and will not share your email address with others. L’Agence French will not send you Spam or Junk email.

Parents/guardians may take photos of their child during lessons. Only your child is permitted to be in the photo.
Staff reserve the right to view photos if there is a concern.
You accept that you or your child may be pictured/photographed by an assigned member of L’Agence French staff and such material can be used by L’Agence French. Photographs of participants may be taken for L’Agence french promotional purposes and can be used in any and all media, including the L’Agence French website, Instagram and Facebook account. If you do not wish your child to be photographed, please submit a written request at L'Agence French by email: 

Personal Belongings
We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles in our facilities or parking lots. Any belongings left at any of our facilities will be placed in the lost & found bin for 1 week before being disposed of.


The code of conduct at L’Académie French

The code of conduct is established so that everyone can learn in harmony and work in safety in the establishment of L’Académie French.

To live better at L’Académie French, we need rules of conduct that teach us about our rights, our responsibilities, our irresponsible acts and reparation.

Rights cannot exist without responsibilities.


What is a right?

It is an obligation that others have towards me in order for me to flourish.


What is a responsibility?

It is an obligation that I have towards others and towards myself so that others can be fulfilled.


What is an irresponsible act?

It is the act of neglecting a responsibility.


What is repair?

It is a positive gesture towards the one or those whom I have hurt or offended.


Right #1 Everyone has the right to have responsibilities.

I'm responsible …

1.1 to assume my responsibilities.

Right #2 Everyone has the right to be respected.

I'm responsible …

2.1 of my own respect and the respect of others.

2.2 to speak politely and listen to others with respect.

2.3 to do what is asked of me by the tutor, the adults and L’Agence French.

Right #3 Everyone has the right to work and learn in peace.

I'm responsible …..

3.1 of my active and positive participation in my learning.

3.2 of my contribution to the general climate of L’Académie French :

3.2.1 to enter silently.

3.2.3 to arrive on time.

3.2.4 to speak quietly so as not to disturb others.

Right #4 Everyone has the right to live in a healthy and safe environment.

I'm responsible…

4.1 to show respect for adults and peers in my attitudes, my words and my actions.

4.2 to speak kind words to myself and others.

4.3 to choose peaceful solutions to resolve my conflicts.

4.4 of my own safety and that of others (physical and psychological safety).

4.5 to respect the premises (cleanliness and maintenance of property).

Right #5 Everyone has the right to work with materials.

I'm responsible…

5.1 to respect for my equipment and that of others.

5.2 to take care of the equipment and furnishings of the premises of L’Académie French.




I enter in silence, I make no noise.

I speak in French throughout the period (except for Spanish and English lessons).

I say hello to my tutor without disturbing others.

I put my coat/my jacket/… on my chair.

I put my belongings (e.g. boots) in the place previously indicated by Agence French.

I put my work materials on my work table.

I speak softly or whisper when addressing others.

Before leaving

I put my things away quietly.

I pick up trash and throw it in the appropriate places.

I put the chair back.

I thank my tutor and say goodbye.

I leave in silence so as not to disturb the others who are working.


Student Engagement

When I have irresponsible behavior (maximum three) that contravenes one of the rules of L’Académie French code of conduct. L’Agence French makes me apply an act of reparation (up to a maximum of three) depending on the irresponsible behavior I have had.

I have read L’Académie French code of conduct and rules of conduct. I undertake to respect the rules of conduct in order to make L’Académie French a place where life is good. I make sure to consult these rules regularly so as not to forget them. I also undertake to respect my role as a student.

Commitment of parents/legal guardians

I acknowledge that L’Agence French and L’Académie French reserve the right, at Agence French's sole discretion, to discontinue each Student's participation in L’Académie French programs and activities if the conduct, condition or behavior of this student is considered dangerous, unsatisfactory or detrimental to the programs, activities, to other students and instructors and to L’Agence French, or such student has suffered a deterioration in his physical, emotional or mental state of this student and others.

No refunds will be made if a student violates the code of conduct, the rules of Académie French and the regulations or policies of L’Agence French.

I (parent/legal guardian) have reviewed all rules, policies and regulations of L'Agence French with the student. The Student and I agree, and I have requested the Student to accept and abide by all such rules, policies and regulations of L'Agence French, and that at all times, the sole responsibility of personal safety is the responsibility of each student.



When registering the student on L’Agence French website, the student/parent/legal guardian checked the box “Policies and agreements”, which is equivalent to the signature of parent/legal guardian in accordance with the Regulations Compliance Act of the Province of Ontario.

When registering the student in person at L’Agence French premises, the parent/legal guardian must sign this document.