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Monthly themed Seminars: $500

Our seminars have been specifically created to develop all aspects of successful students. Our monthly themed seminars focus on different aspects of the French language such as public speaking, reading, and writing. We provide an excellent opportunity for students to excel in their academics and to master the skills, strategies, and techniques to reach their highest potential.

The monthly seminars take place in our state of the art facility every Sunday morning from 9am to 12pm. We welcome all French levels, from beginners to advanced students.

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The writing seminar is open to all those who wish to discover the pleasure of writing or wish to deepen it regardless of their level (amateur, beginner, confirmed, etc.). During the sessions, students will be in a concentrated silence in order to give everyone the opportunity to devote themselves fully to their writing. In addition to writing, they will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, regain their self-confidence, discover themselves, surprise themselves, and evolve (humanly, culturally, socially).

Learning objectives:

Use the imagination.

Structure the thought.

Practice collecting information, synthesizing it, prioritizing it.

Organize a clear message while cultivating their originality and satisfying their curiosity.

Master the language.

Write respecting spelling, grammatical rules, punctuation, capital letters with careful presentation.

In this seminar the children will experience a collective adventure.

At the academic level, they will develop concentration, comprehension and a taste for reading, also, they will progress in terms of oral expression, pronunciation and fluency;

At the social level, they will develop and strengthen self-confidence, cohesion within the group, listening and empathy.

The children will read to each other and together, they will give each other advice and even recommendations for the choice of books and excerpts.

At the end of the seminar, they will have acquired oral fluency, fluency in speaking in the presence of an audience in French, learned to overcome their shyness, learned to adopt a good posture when presenting in front of people.

To conclude the seminar, each child will read aloud an extract from a children's novel, which he/she/them will have chosen in front of the audience for 3 minutes.

This seminar will introduce specific concepts that are integral to effective public speaking and presentations.

By learning appropriate preparation techniques, students will learn to overcome their apprehensions about speaking in public and thus become more confident and effective speakers /presenters.

Learning objectives

To ease students’ anxieties about using French as a mode of oral communication.

To develop an understanding that communication is a two-way process in which the listener evaluates the effectiveness of the speaker.

To improve skills in listening, organizing, adapting to audiences, and orally presenting messages.

Learning outcomes

Peak more confidently in front of an audience utilizing a variety of delivery skills such as eye contact, gestures, movement & vocal variety.

Develop Informative and Persuasive speeches through research, audience analysis, etc.

To enhance a presentation via the effective use of multimedia & visual support.

To conclude the seminar, each child will speak in front of the audience about a topic of his/her/they/them choice.

During the Tongue Twister seminar, students, from beginner to advanced level, will be motivated to take up playful challenges of precise articulation, accentuation, intonation, fast and fluid flow, but also elocution. due to the pronunciation complexity of tongue twisters. They will thus become aware of the sounds of the French language while having fun.

The other  learning objectives:

Master the French language.

Promote listening and concentration.

Work on intonation and breathing.

Diction of new phonemes.

Initiate work on the rhythm of the sentence.

During the sessions, the students will work on tongue twisters, among other things, in the following ways:

Listening to tongue twisters: soundtrack, album, reading by students.

Slow learning by articulating well, pressing and stretching the sounds, then sharply chanting each syllable.

Repeat the tongue twister by changing the voice: spoken, whispered, sad, happy, all together, voice up, voice down, in the form of a question…

Repeat while playing on the rhythm of the sentence: give a pulse, clap your hands at the same time, play an instrument...

Train faster and faster.

Performance in front of the class or in small groups.

Game with several tongue twisters

Production of tongue twisters

During the French theater seminar, students will learn new French vocabulary, diction, fluency and clarity, memorization, teamwork, verbal expression, leadership skills and more. At the social level, we set up “theater games” promoting cooperation, cohesion, and thus everyone's confidence in themselves and in others. Everyone understands that the other and themselves are a wealth that will nourish the group and bring everyone. 

By the end of the French Theater seminar, students will be cultured, responsible, responsive and very confident in communicating in French.

Other learning objectives:

Bring the child to the heart of the artistic world through listening and discovery.

develop student autonomy.

Detect, build and develop the child's motivation for his artistic practice.

Implement the practice of language knowledge (oral and written).

Develop self-confidence.

Enrich the vocabulary.

Mastery of the French language.

Become aware of space, time and others.

Learn rigor.

Raise awareness of listening to others.

At L’Agence French, we take pride in building confidence in our students and helping them achieve their fullest potential. If you have questions about our programs and services, we would be happy to provide more information to you.

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